We are a wellness education and professional development company, built on the idea that wellness works in any space! We work with corporations, non-profits, schools, libraries, and community organizations. We specialize in adaptive yoga: Office Yoga!

Founded in 2011 by Lauren Coles, a regular contributor for the Huffington Post, Daisy was New York City's first office yoga company. Our services cannot be compared to competitors, who often send random and untrained yoga teachers into your space. Every teacher at Daisy is certified to work with specialized populations. We train our teachers using a research-based curriculum.

Developed by Lauren Coles and Christina Ferwerda, who both hold Master's Degrees in Education and together have over 20 years of teaching experience, our system of Office Yoga is based on teaching adaptive yoga to people with disabilities. Even better still, Daisy Yoga's office clients make it possible for us to provide low-to-no-cost yoga to people with disabilities, non-profits, and kids in the foster care system.

Daisy Yoga aims to improve people’s work-life balance, increase health and happiness, and reduce stress, and increase productivity. We work with any body, in any space.