Founded in 2011 by Lauren Coles, a regular contributor for the Huffington Post, Daisy is New York City's first office yoga company. Our services cannot be compared to competitors, who often send random and untrained yoga teachers into your space. Every teacher at Daisy is certified to work specifically in offices. The Daisy Office Yoga Curriculum is the first and only Office Yoga Curriculum backed by medical research and science. 

Developed by Lauren Coles and Christina Ferwerda, who both hold Master's Degrees in Education and together have over 20 years of teaching experience, our system of Office Yoga is based on teaching adaptive yoga to people with disabilities. Even better still, Daisy Yoga's office clients make it possible for us to provide low-to-no-cost yoga to people with disabilities, non-profits, and kids in the foster care system.

Daisy Yoga aims to bring yoga and meditation to the work force as a way to help improve people’s work-life balance, increase health and happiness, and reduce stress, and increase productivity. We aim to teach people easy yogic methods to release tension in the mind and body. We work with any body, in any space.




No mat? No Yoga clothes? No problem. Enjoy the benefits of yoga without stressing  the other stuff. In 30 minutes or less, get a good stretch and take a short break from your desk. We also teach 30 minute meditation!


You'll be surprised by the effectiveness of the Conference Table Yoga method! Learn easy de-stressing techniques and yoga moves that you can do at your desk. Feel good, happy, and ready to be more productive.


A traditional hour long yoga class, using mats. This style of yoga is primarily for exercise and stretching out the body. We teach anything from Hatha to Vinyasa Flow, depending on your preference.


"Companies that offer yoga and other wellness program benefits

greatly reduce their health insurance premiums

and increase their bottom line."

Melissa thompson|  business.com



Class prices vary based on your needs. Please contact info@daisyyoga.com to learn more. Discounts offered with 6+ class packs, or long term weekly contracts.

We do not provide mats for our flow classes, but can arrange to bring mats for sale with advance notice. We can also order custom yoga mats for your company.

We can arrange a private class or speaking engagement with founder Lauren Coles in any city--please contact info@daisyyoga.com 



Now in Los Angeles!

The Daisy Yoga curriculum is now in LA! Our uniquely experienced staff is able to bring yoga into any workplace. Lead by actress and expert yoga teacher Maire-Rose Pike, our Los Angeles team is the ideal way to bring a little peace to your work week.



Los angeles workplaces

Whether you work at an office, movie set, or recording studio, we can adapt yoga and meditation to meet your staff's unique needs. Try our 30 minute no sweat yoga or meditation class, desk or conference table yoga, or 60 minute flow class at your workspace. Your staff will feel refreshed, and glad to be given a break!

Our teachers have experience working with high end clientele, and offer the utmost discretion when it comes to bringing yoga into your workplace. Because our staff is uniquely trained on bringing yoga into professional spaces, you will be sure to have the best experience with us! Contact mairerose@daisyyoga.com 


Interested in learning how to teach yoga in offices? Want to work with us, or even start your own business in your city? Fill out the form below, and we will be in touch with information about the right office yoga teacher training for you!